MapleFlash… Interesting much?

By: xBuBLeTeA

There I was, browsing when I come across this interesting topic, MapleFlash v.0.75. Hm… interesting, at least enough to catch my attention. Click. Wait. BOOM! Voila, a step by step tutorial on this new MapleStory “Simulator.” Cool, eh?I download the game, play for a few minutes, and BAM!, I’m level 20 already. Overall, the game’s pretty awesome. It’s almost like a mini-version of Maplestory, but you’re an archer with 3rd- and 4th-job skills. This is one of the best offline MapleStory simulators out there, with near-realistic skill effects and movement physics. It still has a couple of glitches, however, as well as several cons. Probably the biggest one is that it’s still small (the world consists of a town and 4 monster maps) and you can only be a hunter. Plus, two of the maps are Pianus and Ergoth, both of which you’ll have to solo if you want to kill, and each deals damage that you’d have to be level 100+ to survive. It makes training rather difficult, but it’s still easier than the Nexon grind. Not only that, but it’s much more hackable: you only need a .sol file editor and you can change all of your data values: level, SP and AP, attack, defense, HP and MP, and potion recovery values. Want proof? I hacked it myself. Also, like Pokemon, you can only save 1 character at a time.The game, however, is amazingly realistic. Instead of using ripped-off graphics and a crappy physics simulator, almost all of the skill speeds, damage calculations, movement and attack speeds, and skill behaviors are almost exactly like how Wizet did it.

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