Pie Guild Event: Win More NX!

Originally written by LostHope.

Guild Pumpkin Pie Event: Another event to win NX, but this requires teamwork with your guild. If your guild is collecting Pumpkin Pies, and your guild wins this contest, you all win NX! ( the people in your guild) 1st place is 30k Maple Points for all of you ( I’m not sure if its all of you, just the people who get pumpkin pies) 2nd place is 20,000 Maple Points. 3rd, 10,000 Maple Points. If you don’t win the top 3, don’t worry. The top 10 guilds will recieve exclusive helemts for gathering! ( No it isn’t a Zakum Helm)Good luck to all the guilds that try this event.( I’ve collected 50 so far myself, for a friend)What will the helmet be? We’ll find out. There will be pictures on Basil of those who win, most likely the global site too, so we can all see the helmets.

Let us know what you think below!

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