MapleStory Trading Cards, iTCG Sparks the MapleStory Community

Originally written by LostHope.

The New iTCG: MapleStory Trading Cards seem like another way for Nexon to make money. A big surprise: Wizards of The Coast comes out with a big annoucement saying that they are releasing MapleStory Trading Cards! Everyone wanted their surprise opening gift, the Maple Champion Card. Will NX Cash fall and the TCG rise to the occasion, and replace NX Cash as the new way of real-money redemption? Wizards of The Coast has made numerous RPG games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, D20 Modern, and Star Wars. The iTCG gives many options when you buy a booster pack. Now at retail stores like Walmart, Target, and GameStop, they can give you rare pets, items, and new quests with rewards of never before seen items! Some of the comments on the offical annoucement on were ” Yay! Woot! Woohoo, they are finally out!” Together, Nexon and Wizards of the Coast have found another way to make big bucks. This time, they’re targeting a popular million-user MMORPG. Will WoTC and Nexon make more money than Nexon did with NX Cash?

One response to “MapleStory Trading Cards, iTCG Sparks the MapleStory Community

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