Bronze Sack of Doom: The Million-Meso Bag

With version 0.56 and its summer events, Nexon released another NX item… with the potential to crash MapleStory’s economy: the Bronze Sack. Sold for 500 NX in the Cash Shop, the Bronze Sack contains 1 million mesos at the disposal of the buyer. Says Nexon:

Bronze Sack of Mesos(1million mesos) will be sold at Cash Shop for 2 weeks! (6/19 ~ 7/2) We will be testing out how it is affecting in-game economy and gather user feedbacks. Please feel free to give us feedback!!

Nexon may have truly meant it as an experiment, but during that 2-week period, a lot could happen. Most likely prices will inflate radically because of the extra availability of money, severely inconveniencing the majority of MapleStory’s players, who are non-NX’ers. This is probably one of the biggest benefits Nexon’s ever given to its paying community, and Nexon’s probably hoping to get more people hooked on NX. It may very well prove to be one of Nexon’s most profitable and most controversial commercial ventures.

14 responses to “Bronze Sack of Doom: The Million-Meso Bag

  1. Haha! Thats Funny xD!!!! Nexon just wanna get some extra moneys from theyr players… They get enought moneys from weddings/gachas etc.Here is the chance they waiting for!I actually dont like this.. cant u go somewhere and train for 1hour and get this 1m?

  2. soon there is going to be the silver and gold sacks too…. i hope tthis wont happen though

  3. This is very good for NX-ers and for poor NX-ers because Nexon gives 1mil for 50 cents and that raises their stock by alot because some websites just steal your acc for messos and now nexon is giving it away for free and probly making thousands by the second. Everybody wins! XD.

  4. As a lvl 25 non-funded sin, i am glad they added this item to the cash shop for new claws are excessively pricy when the only source of money you have is pig killing XD. I think this is gonna help a lot of new maplers who don’t have access to multiple high level chars.

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