4 Cheap Web Hosting Review

Creating a website involves many steps but before you can even think about designing your website you need to find a web host. Top Web Hosting is a free and easy to use website dedicated to helping website creators both new and old find the web host that fits their particular needs. Using 4CheapWebHosting.com you can browse through more than 200 approved web hosts with over 400 cheap web hosting packages listed.

When you first visit Top Web Hosting you will not be intimidated or confused like many other websites and their site is easy enough for anyone to use successfully. There are three main features of the website: the Cheap Web Hosting search engine, the Top Rated Web Hosting list, and a page dedicated to web hosting tutorials.

The Cheap Web Hosting search engine has different features you can select to narrow down your search. You can select your price range, the number of domains you are looking for, the platform (i.e. Windows or Linux), database, disk space, bandwidth, and much more. Unlike many other search engines you can easily navigate through the different options and the user is not overwhelmed. If you don’t want to fill out a certain feature, you don’t have to. It is entirely optional and catered to whatever your needs may be.

The next feature is the Top Rated Cheap Web Hosting page. If you aren’t looking for anything specific or just want to see what web hosts other people like the best then this section of the site will be a huge help. The top 8 web hosts are listed with a small photo and link. The platform, monthly fee, 4Value rating, disk space, bandwidth, and number of domains are also listed for each site. Top Web Hosting uses a self-created algorithm called 4Value rating that helps them determine the top web hosts. As described on their website the 4Value rating system is a

“Reputation Point Value” [system] based on third party data that is imported into our database. The data includes the number of links pointing to the site, the number of domains hosted, and some other information. The plans are then assigned a certain number of points based on features. This is called a “Value Rating”. All the points are added together and divided by the price. This gives you a extremely high quality no-nonsense top-10 web hosting company list.”

This feature is still in the beta phase but has a promising future.

Finally, the Web Hosting Tutorial page is a series of tutorials created to help webmasters create, host, and start their website. Some of the tutorials include web design tools, how to purchase a domain name, and choosing the best web hosting service.

Overall, Top Web Hosting is a great source for any beginning webmaster and anyone looking to find a new web host and get the most bang for their buck. If you’re looking for a web host, Top Web Hosting is the place to go.

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