336 Hours and Counting…

336 hours… 335 hours and 59 minutes….

What’s this?

If you didn’t already know, Global Maplestory gave out 100 different Cash Shop items for 0 NX.  The Cash Shop items will last 2 weeks after pressing the “buy” button. If you like to be precise, it would last (336 Hours), or (1,209,600  Seconds). Unfortunately, it will last 2 weeks then it will expire.

GMS has dubbed this, The “Zero is Hero” event.

From 2 to 3 PM Pacific Time OR 5 to 6 PM Eastern Time, on October 30, 2010.

What do you think? Comment below about this unusual event.

3 responses to “336 Hours and Counting…

  1. Not to be offtopic, but is NEXON doing some humor?

    GM Blog: AcornStory, Making the Most out of Gachapon
    (AcornStory is a low-rate v55 server before.)

    Event: MapleTales of Terror
    (MapleTales is a v75 (?) server)

    Is NEXON doing some unfunny humor?

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