My Experience in gMS Tespia

Hello everyone. It’s Nion here.
I’ll be sharing with you guys about my experience in Tespia gMS.

Originally I was going to make a video explaining it all but my upload speed is bad so I rather share it through an article.

First off, what is in this Tespia?
A: What we, the testers, are testing is the new, upcoming Big Bang Patch which will “revolutionize” MapleStory forever.

What is this Big Bang Patch?
A: It’s an update for MapleStory that is split into 3 separate patches: 1. The Updates 2. The Resistance 3. The Mechanic. So far, we’re testing the first BBP.

1. Updates is about the buffed up and nerfed job skills, new map edits, new UI introduced, resetting all the quests, etc etc

2. The Resistance is an upcoming branch of jobs in which consists of Battle Mage and the Wild Hunter.

3. The Mechanic is the last Resistance job to arrive with its late hero entry.

Other than that, let me share you my experience:

When you open up MapleStory, you’ll be greeted with the usual Nexon logo and Wizet logo. Afterwards, the Big Bang Trailer plays.

Big Bang Trailer

Afterwards, you’ll be directed to the world selection showing the old Victoria Island changing to the new.

Upon character creation, a cool new feature has been implemented (not sure if it’s for Tespia or if it is permanent). You can now get NX hairstyles, NX eyes, and NX clothes and weapons (which becomes regular items). Of course, it’s limited to some of them:

p0lkxlouis’s Video on Character Creation – Credits to that person

When you log onto your new character, you’ll be greeted at Maple Island. The same tutorial is still there and such. (I’m not sure where your other characters will be if you log into a map that has been deleted. Hopefully not into oblivion darkness! )

The whole World has been revamped to cramped up maps to make traveling easier.

Skycombat’s videos show tours of the new revamped maps. Credits to him.

Also, Edelstein is shown in the World map. Unfortunately, we are not able to access there due to the NPCs to lead there not available.

Pertaining to that image, new UI has been implemented. From the World map UI, you can see at the top left, a quest function has been added to show which continent has what quests. Also, if you hover over a map, you can see which NPCs are placed there.

Other UI shown above.

Another option in this patch is the 800X600 OR 1024×768 option, located at System Options. This makes it much convenient to lurk through the Free Market!

In the Family category, the 2x Experience is now nerfed to 1.2x exp. Family bonding is 1.5x. With this being here, there’s no telling if Nexon will remove the 4 hour 2x experience/drop cards.

If you’re wondering where’s the Trade button is, it’s now in a scroller when you click Cash Shop.

Other than the UI being updated, the quests were wiped out for some reason. Not sure if it’s for testing purposes but for those working for the Quest Specialist Medal, watch out.

In the first Big Bang Patch, all jobs will be able to inflict a % amount of Critical. Accuracy isn’t needed mainly to inflict damage to monsters anymore, just your level.

All jobs will have new skills, buffed up, skills, skills removed, skills tampered, new skill art, etc etc.

For more information,  go to Spadow’s for more info.

The Experience needed to level up in the Big Bang Patches has been dramatically cut down by 30% to half. That means more people will be able to level up faster than before!

In monster wise, the Big Bang Patch has really buffed up/ nerfed down monsters to fit with the new experience formula. Bosses such as BigFoot, Female Boss, etc has its touch damage as well as its magic damge reduced dramatically which would make it easier to kill. (So long, big foot police! )

Speaking of Female boss, the Showa town monsters has its original sprites back to the weaponry it once held before it was censored. Not really important but pretty cool.

Also pertaining to BigFoot, the area of New Leaf City now has Tick Tock and Alien mobs in the outskirts to make questing a bit easier. At the Crimson Wood areas, Jr. Wraiths now become Wraiths. Same as Showa Town’s reason, it’s not that important but yeah.

Continuing, the Visitor Party Quest has been removed so VIP weapons will be unavailable to obtain again so the price might increase unless [SPOILER] Von Leon weapon are better.

Other than the Big Bang Patches, it also holds the Christmas events!

Credits to Rexaar.
In the Christmas event, you have to help fellow penguins create enough snow for the snowpiller thing to fill up. Then it explodes with lots of Golden Snow. You then try to loot as many as you can and you will be able to trade it in for neat stuff shown in the link above.

That’s basically it for this Tespia. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see more in the future.

7 responses to “My Experience in gMS Tespia

  1. That’s some interesting stuff about the character creation, and the formula changes. Good Job on the Article. A lot of people’s questions will be answered by this post.

  2. nice job lol i think i knew all of this out of all articles of the big bang on different site and nexon Nice article can you show us in video?

  3. Nice article. There are many times in these updates when things that seem insignificant to most people just bother me. There’s an example here. There’s now a scroller to open the cash shop or the MTS when you click on the “Cash Shop” tab. Wouldn’t it make more sense if this tab was “Cash”, not “Cash Shop?

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