Why the New Level Cap Means You Should Quit MapleStory


Mapler 1: Hayyyy guyz I just hit level 200!!!
Mapler 2: OMG u so pro omggggggg
Mapler 3: gratzzzzzz 1337!!11212121211!!!! : )
Maple 1: I been grindin’ for so long and I finally beat the game!
Maple 2: OMGGG sooo prooooo soo proooo

…January 24, 2013…

Maple 1: LEVEL CAP RAISED TO  250 WHAT THE F*@%*?!?!!!!!

I guarantee you that’s how most level 200 players are feeling right now in their dark bedrooms, surrounded by bottles filled with their own urine and left over Doritos bags. All those days and nights you spent grinding; your brow sweaty and bladder full, trying to get just one more level before your 4x EXP ran out. Well, the good news is you get to do that all over again.

As anyone who has stayed remotely connected to what has been going on with MapleStory over the past year or so (to those of you who quit and burned all your Nexon cards and laughed as you dropped untradeable items in front of swarms of begging noobs, I commend you) probably knows, there has been a significant drop in players on the MapleGlobal servers. It seemed much like the fall of formerly booming cities of the Industrial Revolution, the collapse of behemoths like Sleepywood.net and MapleTip.com signified the end of an era. If that isn’t an indication of the decline of a once prosperous community, then I don’t know what is. To make matters worse, you could say the final nail in the coffin was hammered in this past Thursday when Nexon Korea announced that on January 31st they would be raising the level cap from 200 to 250. This announcement came as a major shock throughout the MapleStory community as Nexon officials have repeatedly stated throughout the years that this would not occur. Never say never.

Okay, so it’s 50 levels. What’s the big deal?

Before I continue, I want to state that I myself have never reached level 200. I personally just don’t have the patience, especially in the current state of the game where mindless grinding and power trips are all that matters and the more interactive features of the game are being severely neglected. I do know, and have spoken to recently, several players who have reached 200 who are anything but pleased about the recent announcement. Just take a look at this discussion going on at our sister site Southperry.net. I’m not seeing a lot of happy campers.

I think it is quite irresponsible to raise the level cap of any game (unless of course it’s a new version, like when MapleGlobal went from Beta to the official version, or the rumored MapleStory 2) as many players who may have reached that level when it was extremely difficult (pre-Big Bang) may feel cheated by the fact that their achievement is no longer an achievement at all. Level 200 will become just another level on the way to 250. The security found in an ‘end-game’ character has been lost. What will be the point of racing to level 250 if a year or two down the line, Nexon decides to raise the level cap to 300? When will it end?

The reality is, this is an extremely serious error in judgement. The repercussions of this decision will surely be felt across versions if this comes to pass here at home on MapleGlobal, MapleSEA, or MapleEurope and I don’t think reaching the level cap will hold the same weight as it once did. You could argue that this will drive players away from the ‘grinding mentality’ that we know too well, but I doubt that will be the case.

I believe this decision is more of a last-attempt to revive the game. I’m not extremely familiar with Korean MapleStory, although I have played it sporadically, I do know the gaming culture in South Korea is extremely different than that of North America. So, who knows, maybe Koreans will enjoy the level cap increase. But, if this is to be implemented in North America I think that the remaining hardcore players would start to fade out one by one. If anything, the lack of successful and quality updates for MapleGlobal over the past year is proof that you just can’t copy and paste updates from a completely different version that were created for a completely different culture and expect good results. When Nexon America will get their heads out of the sand…well, I’m convinced they won’t and I’m convinced they’ve never had the autonomy they claim to. Nexon Korea, whom I had originally had high hopes for, seems to be the root of the problem.

At the end of the day, this is what it is. I could go on and on and analyze the misdeeds of Nexon America and Korea, but hey, you can just read my old posts for that shit. I will make a prediction, though. I predict that MapleGlobal will not make it to 2015 in its current incarnation. Whether they decide to completely gut the game and start anew (a gutsy and risky move, but I think it would pay off), then maybe we can see some real staying power over the next half a decade. But, with the way technology is moving at the speed of light these days and there’s a new start up company every week, well, we’ll just have to wait and see. At the end of the day, you have to adapt or die.

stirgeICY is the Senior Editor for Maple-News and doesn’t give an flying stirge what you think.

11 responses to “Why the New Level Cap Means You Should Quit MapleStory

  1. Well I feel that even if this is a bad idea, it’ll give more reason for some people to continue playing instead of being bored at 200. I don’t know, maybe I’m just crazy.

  2. I have three level 200 characters. One of these characters ascended to level 200 in September 2009, over a year before Big Bang arrived and the other two reached there in March and August of 2011, not too long following the Big Bang update. Especially in the case of that first level 200 (my Dark Knight) I can’t even express how upset I am to hear about the level cap increase. My journey to 200 on my DrK was full of pleasure and enjoyment but it was also a long struggle.

    To make matters much worse, at least back then I had a dedicated group of friends in real life who I played and trained with as well as socially active friends in the game. These days I’m the only one still active in that group of real life friends and I find it almost impossible to make in game friends these days with the way that the social elements of the game have just about crumbled into nothing.

    Long story short, I honestly feel like all my hard work (which I wouldn’t take back for anything) was somewhat wasted. I had started to feel that way in the last few years as it became easier and easier to reach level 200 but I feel is especially now that the level cap is being raised. I doubt I’ll even be trying to reach 250. Don’t have the time or patience anymore.

  3. I agree that north american gamers are stuck in the grinding mentality and sometimes they can be rude. The fact that we have made the term CC shows that we are stuck in that. I play dragon nest as well and i find the community is much better considering they just want to have fun leveling and playing the game as a whole(besides the one who take pvp seriously) This is because dragon nest has a more rounded feel and they try to update all their systems. This were the maplestory team has come to fault by not updating their older systems. Instead of adding more they should try to go back and improve others and try to make party quests way more appealing and in turn that would cause more people to get more friends. But i hope the maplestory team can look at the other games they own and use the more successful games as a model for what they should improve.

  4. Nah. disagree completely. I think the new level cap’s great and as a hardcore gamer and a dedicated fan to maplestory i won’t be leaving any time soon. Only n00bs who aren’t loyal nexon fans will leave after such an update and only the un-true fans have left these past few years. I’ll stick with Nexon through it’s best and through it’s worst because no matter what it has supplied me with some of the best memories of my life.

    • “Only n00bs who aren’t loyal nexon fans will leave after such an update”
      So you are saying those noobs who have been playing since beta, encountering all those updates, all those hardships, then getting BigBang, making everything a hell of a lot easier aren’t loyal? Beta to BigBang was quite some time; BigBang to Renegades is only a couple years, maybe less.

      The real noobs are the stuck up snobs that play in Maplestory today, for all they care about is “Does my character look cool?” “Dude look how much dmg I do” or even “HAHA, noob (to a beta player) I can you no problem”. Back then it was all about helping others, barely any ksing and trolling.

  5. Its not about leveling, its about fun. Sorry but I thought this was a MapleStory NEWS website, not a maplestory complain website.

    • It might be worth checking the category an article is tagged with before getting on your high horse. This is an editorial a.k.a. an opinionated piece.

      • This website is MapleStory news related yet you put posts here that encourage people to quit this game (and walk away from this website as well since they no longer play the game this website is all about). Its ok to criticize but this article is not adding anything to this website. Its only telling people to stop visiting this place and quit the game.

        • A community that discusses the flaws of a game can only promote healthy growth within the game. I doubt one article is going to drive people away from the game. That being said, plenty of people no longer play MapleStory but are still involved in the online MapleStory fan site community, so your point really isn’t 100% valid.

  6. I like readingthis article it really really makes me feel a lot better after quitting this piece of crap game Thanks

  7. Lol, I guess people can finally decide whether they want to either:

    a.) continue grinding mindlessly on this childish, boring, fickle, repetitive, broken-community of a game or…

    b.) finally get a life, or at least devote a diversified amount of time and attention to other games out there – great games, in fact – especially with next gen being out. Hell treat yourself to old classic games, too. I’m currently in the process of running through Portal 1, Half Life 1, and Half Life 2 (after curbing an unhealthy GTA V binge).

    My point is that, Maplestory is done. It was done a while ago. Right around big-bang, I would argue… just move on, kids…

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