Nexon, where’s your evidence against banned users?


Nexon America, reveal your evidence against banned users in a fair review & appeal system. Oh, and don’t forget to free Timberwolf.. (what a surprise, he happens to be a former Volunteer of yours).

We’ve all gotten that notice (“You have been blocked by Police GMMapleStory for the HACK reason.”) for whatever reason, and likely more than once. But, how many times have you seen the following notice on your screen?


Tyler, better known as The Blue Corsair on Twitter or Timbervvoif in-game (level 200), was faced with the above notice after Monday’s unscheduled maintenance to resolve an exploit situation. As many of you might know, Tyler has done a lot for the community, he was even an Official Nexon Volunteer. Acknowledging that Tyler has done a lot, after it was announced that he was permanently banned, the Twitter Maple Community (is that what it’s called, Sean?) went crazy with tweets like this:


When Tyler finally got in touch with Nexon after four days, he was finally told that without any mistake, his account had been seen to have involvement with the exploit and would stay permanently banned. There was not any chance of a mistake, and there was no chance of recovering his account. A legit player.. banned!

This leads to a very important point. *cue a trio saying “Important!” in harmony*

Our friends at Southperry created a petition and tweeted it to the Official MapleStory Twitter and even received a reply back:

Make your own predictions to what that means. Anyways, here’s a small portion of what the petition is fighting for:

People invest time, money and effort into a game and it’s completely inappropriate and unprofessional in this day and age for a company to block an account without any explanation and no appeal, simply replying that they have proof that they won’t release for privacy reasons even to the very person who’s been impacted by their sanctions.

Customers have a right to know the specifics of what they’re accused of and the evidence against them in order to make a competent appeal. For an American division of a company to fail to recognize Presumption of innocence as a fundamental human right is shameful.

If you agree, don’t be afraid to take a minute and sign the petition. You can also check out Tyler’s blog post about the situation here. Tyler is sadly one of many. Back to stage one there, Tyler.


2 responses to “Nexon, where’s your evidence against banned users?

  1. Wow…ridiculous, don’t you think? Someone who has done so much for the community not even given a chance to prove or redeem himself as innocent.

  2. Looks like nexon doesnt even know whos friend and whos foe these days.
    Ive been bashing Nexon for their utmost stupidity for years but even I would never imagine to see Tyler banned.
    And the accusitions… Out of all the players i ever heard of, he is like the last one who would take advantage from a game exploit. And its not even about the raw fact that he just isnt this kind of person. Its more of a… hmm. Need. Those who hack and cheat in a game are those who lust power or richess. He already had all of that from a long time.
    He just didnt had a REASON to abuse an exploit. None at all.
    Just feaking Wow.

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