MapleStory Survey II, Notice About Recent Bannings, 2x EXP!

Remember last month when I told you guys about Nexon’s survey they were doing? Guess what? They’re doing another one!

Take three to five minutes and complete the survey to let them know how you interact with others in game. Click here to be redirected to the survey. 

We have recently banned a number of accounts for item duping. Only accounts that were found to be egregiously duping items or benefiting directly from multiple duped items were banned.

We are continuously cracking down on duped items and other illicitly created items in order to keep the game economy fair and stable.

We appreciate your support as we continue to monitor and remove duplicated items. Thanks for playing fair!

There’s also a 2x EXP & Drop event this week to celebrate the Mark of Honor Update!


March 16 & 17, 2013
Pacific: 2 PM – 4 PM and 8 PM – 10 PM
Eastern: 5 PM – 7 PM and 11 PM – 1 AM

This event will stack with with 2x EXP Coupons, so you could use one from the Cash Shop to get 4X EXP!

Let us know what you think below!

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