[May] Nexon Approval Rating



We are happy to announce the return of the Monthly Nexon Approval Rating Poll! After every month, maplers will be invited to vote on how happy they are with the job Nexon America has done running MapleStory. As always, feel free to tell us why you approve or disapprove in the comments below!

Approve: 31.58%
Disapprove: 68.42%

6 responses to “[May] Nexon Approval Rating

  1. I will agree with no because they don’t really stop updating when they say they would, and they should show all of the time zones.

  2. NO, because the game is just boring now. I can’t even get past level 30 without getting bored (not exaggerating).

    • Bring back the team that worked on Masteria
      GMS Ifeel was so freaking awesome when they created thier own content. I hate the fact they ruin NLC and CWK with STUPID LAZY aliens update and simplified the maps and took away the fun the adventure the originalitythe uniqueness the storyline and and most importantly the challenging fun of navigating thru the totem pole of death to get to the CWKPQ they took away Bigfoot wolf spiders mesogear maps
      Omg I freaking hate GMS so much!!! GMS is pretty much KOREA Maplestory’s betch/dog that barks, sits, and rolls over. All it is just copy and paste the code translate into english and come up with more ways for you to waste your time money and your life for nothing.
      If you haven’t quit now, DO IT NOW!! seriously please save yourself from this blood sucking monster.

  3. No.
    Nexon america has went from challenging, fun and creative to simple, boring, and unoriginal and most unfortunately became nithing but a profit greedy coporation.

    Forget about making maple a quality content game… instead you just have pointless events that forces you the user to plan and dedicate your life every day of attendance checks all for the sake getting ridiculously cheap godly equips and items.

    And most maplers r antisocial losers who only cares about ways to increase their damage output and range and some for just ego trip status like imSoFly does.

    Lvl200 plus content is stupid too
    Reserved only for the NO-Lifer elite.

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