Shame On You, Nexon! Dual Blade Skill Point Issues, Auto Ban Glitches, and Cash Inventories



I’d like to introduce my newest segment here on, Shame On You, Nexon!, where I point out the blatant laziness and irresponsibility that runs throughout Nexon America’s ranks! The little guy needs a voice and I’m all you’ve got, punk!

Dual Blade Skill Point and Job Advancement Issues

This issue has been going on for months and was only recently acknowledged in a bug report. Many Dual Blade characters are unable to make their 4th job advancement because they have “too many skill points unused.” In addition, many Dual Blade users, especially those who used coupons to create their Dual Blade (remember the level 50 Dual Blade coupons you could be gifted by people like during the BigWig Event?) do not have the correct amount of skill points! For shame Nexon, for shame!

Auto Ban

Seriously, Nexon? It’s been how long since users started getting banned by the Auto Ban glitch and although the number has been reduced drastically, players continue to be affected and tickets have been ignored. Maybe you guys could do a bit less of the Harlem Shake and a bit more you know, working! Who are you guys, the IRS?!

Allow Shared Cash Inventories Across Character Classes and Worlds!

Do we all really have to buy ten of the same pet, teleport rocks, perma NX equips, and the like for each character we have? Seriously, if there’s a cheap money making ploy then this is it! You know, maybe most of us would be less inclined to be annoyed by this feature if the game hadn’t become completely reliant on the Cash Shop to do virtually anything. Might as well change your game from free to play to pay to play because that’s what it has become! Half your cash shop items are completely ridiculous. Seriously, $1.30 (1,300 NX) for a Super Megaphone with what, 12 words? What are you, the fucking Supermarket?! I get you are a business and this is a game that people play for entertainment, but I hardly think a virtual messenger megaphone is worth more than a can of soda! It’s no surprise that you only had approximately 2,000 people on in GAZED the other day!  Seriously! Get it together! We are not made of money and you are losing players because of it!

So, Nexon, please consider my aforementioned rants about the flaws in your business practices. We are not asking for hand outs, but for a company to listen to their customers in a legitimate way and make changes that will actually impact the infrastructure of the game in more than a superficial level. And for the love of God, hire some people who will actually answer tickets and find solutions in a timely manner! I don’t care if you have to hire 50 guys from India, at least something would be getting done! You boast about your quarterly profits yet fail to solve issues a trained monkey could! For shame, Nexon! For, shame!


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