Nexon America’s New Game: Deth Bath


Not such a bad idea, NA.

Nexon America is planning to debut a new game that will “be made available to eligible players in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico.”

Titled Deth Beth, named Bubble Fighter in Nexon Korea, the game has yet to be officially launched, but the teaser website has.

Check out this teaser for Bubble Fighter below:

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(Source: msupdate)

2 responses to “Nexon America’s New Game: Deth Bath

  1. I’m actually kinda surprised that this is actually happening. I don’t think it’ll fail out without making it anywhere BUTTTTTTTTT I just don’t see Deth Bath being super successful.

    Nexon America needs to modernize their aged portfolio of games as I think we all realize that they can’t bank on MapleStory, Combat Arms, Vindictus, Mabinogi and the rest of their current lineup to bring to them in the future the success and influence that they have lost so much of. I just don’t see Deth Bath fitting in in this day and age in the Western market.

    Nexon Europe needs to do the same. They can’t live off of the big success of Combat Arms Europe and the moderate success of their other games for too much longer.

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