’s Founder on Getting Shut Down By Nexon’s closure two weeks ago came to a surprise to many, so we decided to sit down with the website’s founder, Tyler aka The Blue Corsair, to ask him more about the closure and much more.

Many people believe you’re not telling the whole truth to why closed down? Why did the social network close? was requested to be shut down by Nexon America as their legal department deemed it to be stealing their intellectual rights and copyrights. In addition, they considered our client a security risk; not that it was/is unsafe, but that they could not ensure this would always be the case to protect players.

Has this situation changed how you view MapleStory and/or Nexon America?
This situation has unfortunately greatly changed my view of MapleStory and Nexon America. My intent for was to expand sociability and player interaction outside of MapleStory, and to build upon the community. While I respect Nexon’s decision, I’m disappointed in their team. It would have served MapleStory and it’s players to create an official connection between Nexon and our team, such as building directly into the game. It’s also been disappointing as Nexon Europe was potentially going to work together with us more closely.

Do you regret starting the website and taking the many months modifying it?
It was a pleasure working on these past few months, and I do not regret working on it. We had a great community and I’m glad we got to provide our service to players for as long as we did.

As a former Nexon Volunteer, what is your current relationship to Nexon like, as of now? Has there even been any communication with the company prior to’s closure?
While I’m no longer a Nexon Volunteer, I’ve still maintained a friendly relationship with Nexon America and still respected by their employees. Sadly, as Aurtax left Nexon America, I no longer have any communication with the MapleStory team for the moment.

Have you contacted Nexon America about them possibly taking over, at least, the idea of the website?
Whether it’s or another project, it would be amazing for Nexon America to offer a similar service to it’s players and maplers. Over the months, some players referred to as Nexon’s “Blockparty”, which was a social network idea abandoned years ago. When I have time, I will attempt to meet with their team and offer our work / source code for free use. Not sure when this will be possible, because of a lack of communication.

We also asked Tyler about what he believes is in the future for MapleStory and we also asked him about how long he believes the game has left, here’s what he said:

s1My feelings towards MapleStory have changed over the past few weeks, especially after the apparent firing of Aurtax. Aurtax was an amazing community manager and inspired myself and many others. He dedicated his life and time to MapleStory and its community, and would work extra hours just to ensure work was complete. He revived MapleStory’s Tumblr as well as involving himself in conversations with players on Twitter. While there may be internal reasons for his removal, I personally cannot forgive that decision.

I’ve played MapleStory since it’s days of Beta and have seen good and bad days. The importance of the community, players, and ultimately Nexon’s customers has greatly fallen over the years. Even recently, some changes have drastically affected players without any input or feedback beforehand. An example would be the censorship / censor system flaws and unintentional/intentional boss drop removals.

If there isn’t a major change to management and the overall importance of players, I don’t feel MapleStory will make it another year.

2 responses to “’s Founder on Getting Shut Down By Nexon

  1. While I couldn’t support as an outside service due to technical concerns over the way data was diverted from the game, I think the idea of a “social-network” built into the game would be (or actually, would have been) a great way to build the Maplestory community.

    Unfortunately, it appears there was a change in Nexon America management, or at least very definitely their policy, about the time of the Big Bang revamp, which elevated the profit motive of the company at the expense of the playerbase and the game itself. All the changes which have taken place since then point to this goal, that of extracting as much money as possible from the game before it’s eventual and inevitable demise, at the cost of player loyalty, game development and player retention. New players have virtually ceased to be added to the player base, and the constant churning of game content (the incessant “revamping” of existing job classes and the almost monthly adding of “new” (rehashed) job classes) appears to be intended to extract as much cash from the remaining players as possible in the time remaining.

    In that kind of environment, it’s a virtual certainty that Nexon is never going to invest the kind of resources (read: Money) necessary to incorporate an idea like service into the game. Had Tyler approached the company with this idea six or seven years ago, it might have gotten an enthusiastic reception because of its positive impact on the social aspects of the player community, which would have been good for the company as well as the players. But now, in the waning days of Maplestory, it would be like buying a brand new set of premium tires for a car being towed away to the junkyard. Sad, really.

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