[GMS] v143 RED First Impact Update Highlights

The holidays have arrived, and with them a host of magical updates!

Try out our revamped Explorer class and explore Commerci, a bustling trade hub new to Dawnveil. If that weren’t enough, we’ve got some joyous holiday events going down (Happyville is back!) and a ton of system updates to make your MapleStory experience all the merrier. It’s time to celebrate– the RED: First Impact update is here!


Say hello to the new generation of Explorers! The Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief and Pirate jobs are all getting revamped, with new skills, new quests, a new tutorial, and more!

Dual Blades and Cannoneers are now classified as normal Explorers, they share Cash Shop inventories with the rest of the Explorers. But watch out… this means Phantom can copy many of their skills using Skill Swipe too! Jett can also now share the Cash Shop inventory with Explorers.



Explore Dawnveil’s bustling trade hub, the republic of Commerci (Lv. 140+)! This brand new region features a dynamic day/night cycle. Commerci also introduces a new trade system. Now you can load up a ship and battle monsters on the raging seas to obtain brand new Lv. 160 equipment! Acquire Commerci Denaro and purchase rare items from the trade coin shop. Any Lv. 140-150 equipment can be upgraded to the new Lv. 160 equipment if it is of a corresponding item type, and carry over the potential rank and enhancements!



With the new Craftsman and Meister ranks you can take your profession to the next level, and you can even craft special kinds of Miracle Cubes! Meister rank can also increase your chances of creating items with high rank stats. Can’t decide between Mining and Herbalism? Now you don’t have to- you can learn both! And you don’t even need a shovel or pickaxe to mine or harvest. You can dig with your hands, right?

Want to trade a little gossip while you work? Now you can chat while you use your profession skills! We’ve also updated some items’ crafting ingredients, added the ability to warp to Ardentmill from the Profession Window, and changed up the items you can buy from Ardentmill’s merchants.



Mastery Books now work 100% of the time. They have been simplified to two books, Mastery Books 20 and 30, which can be purchased with mesos from Leafre’s new NPC, Illiad, or from the Henesys general store. Skill books are no longer required, as you will now learn all of your skills automatically upon job advancement. This includes the skills Maple Warrior and Hero’s Will.



Jett is finally getting her Hyper Skills! Try out new abilities like Airframe Beacon (summon an aircraft to drop bombs on monsters), Epic Adventure (use your bravery to increase damage output and max damage), and Bionic Maximizer (bioscan Jett to identify weaknesses and maximize defense).


Happyville is back! Speak to Rooney in most major towns to join in on the fun! Once you’re in Happyville, help Cliff prepare for the holiday party, decorate Christmas trees, and collect Rascal Snowpiece items to get some fun presents! You can also get a free Christmas costume when you log in each day! Defeat the evil Rudolph and hunt monsters to win a box bursting with goodies!



Exchange RED Tickets for RED Coins to use at the RED Coin Shop! You can receive items such as weapons and scrolls. Take home a free 90 day RED pet (randomly receive a RED Penguin, RED Reindeer, or RED Yeti). There are also item giveaways for the holidays, including free Teleport Rocks, weapon rentals, and cosmetic coupons!



Let us know what you think below!

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