[EMS] Christmas Events

Here are some modest Christmas events courtesy of MapleEurope.


Ho-ho-ho Maplers,

Its time to get your Christmas present!

01. Santa’s Shining Box  
Hunt monsters and receive Santa’s Shining Box filled with nice rewards.

09.12.2013 – 31.12.2013
Quest can be obtained after your character reaches lv. 10.


Polar Bear Chair, Christmas Snow Cape, Merry Christmas Title, 1.5 x EXP Coupons, Christmas Socks, Christmas Exclusive Scrolls, and other consumables.
Note: The quest item cannot be obtained from monsters that are 11 levels lower or 21 levels higher than your character.

02. Rudolph’s Shining Box 

09.12.2013 – 31.12.2013
Quest can be obtained after your character reaches lv. 10.


Although it is possible to obtain as many Rudolph’s Shining Boxes as you want, only 20 Rudolph’s Shining Boxes can only be opened up per day.
– The box contains Christmas Snow Clumps, various consumables, and other character trait consumables.

03. Fill Up your Christmas Stocking!
09.12.2013 – 31.12.2013

Accept Quest from event tab

Receive Magic Christmas Socks and put in some items that are similar to your character’s level and let it sleep.

Stay connected for 30 minutes.

Gift Filled Christmas Socks  
You can obtain a random gift including Santa’s Sleigh Coupon (7 Days), Rudolph’s Red Nose, Red-Nose Bandage 60%, Christmas Snow Clumps, 1.5X Drop Coupon, and other consumables.

04. Giant Snowman Attacks!
Every 30 minutes, you can fight against the giant snowman.
Your character should be above level 50.

Merry Christmas everyone!

-MapleStory Europe Team-


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