[SITE] MNN Winter Changes


Hello MNNians,

The New Year is almost upon us, and with it, come some new changes to our modest site. These modifications are required and will change the way the site functions and users use Maple-News.com. To find out more, please continue reading.

Staff Changes

MapleStory is changing in North America, and so is the community. The way players interact has changed and communities are becoming more tight-knit and niche oriented. Thus, Maple-News.com will no longer have a full-time writing staff. Instead, we will have Contributors which will feature your favorites like Dill and Harley, along with any newcomers. I will continue to keep you updated as the only full-time staff member here at Maple-News. We also have several manually automated accounts such as News Bot and EuropeJoe which aggregate posts from official MapleStory websites.

We will be offering new and faster ways for maplers to submit posts or sign up as contributors. In the meantime, you can still submit an application or use our current Contributor System.


No More Ads

TheBlueCorsair has been kind enough to sponsor our site and eliminate our hosting costs. With the new adjustments we have made to our site, we have reduced our overhead significantly and the site’s yearly cost is just about $20.00. However, do not expect any giveaways or events in the near future. But hey, no more ugly ads.



Well, not really. If you are an avid reader of Maple-News.com, then you have probably seen the gradual change to a more blog-like layout and atmosphere. The community interacts differently, so we no longer need a large back-end cluttering our site. We want to make it simple for you to access the articles and features you are looking for – quickly.


New Media

We are officially retiring our YouTube page. It will be left as an archive, but we do not have the man-power needed to run the site successfully. It may return sometime in the future if the demand is present, but for now, it’s dead.

Now for the good news. We will be re-launching our podcast channel in January 2014, premiering with The Mushroom Show. More information will be released in the coming weeks announcing co-hosts and guests.


Please check back for more updates throughout the winter. Thank you for visiting Maple-News.com and Happy Holidays!


Let us know what you think below!

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