Aurtax Posts His Final Goodbye to the MapleStory Community

On October 18th, MapleStory Community Manager Aurtax was abruptly fired from Nexon America. Aurtax was working tirelessly to relay suggestions from the MapleStory community and to help tackle serious issues plaguing the game. The former game liaison, who went dark after the incident, has offered a heartfelt, yet vague, farewell. He also indicates that he is legally unable to speak about the reason for his dismissal or anything else at Nexon because of a non-disclosure agreement. Read his full letter below.

I would just like to say thank you for all the support that everyone showed me after my time at Nexon came to an end. It was very bitter sweet to read all of your remarks.

I don’t think an AMA is a good idea, as I am A) Still under NDA, and B) I don’t think it is fair of me to try and stay in any sort of spotlight in the MapleStory Community. I will tell you this, though:

Nexon America has some amazingly hard working people there that do not get enough credit for what they do. Sticking strictly the people that impact your experience, as those are the people I worked closest with.
QA you have an extremely dedicated QA team that works the most insane hours I have ever seen! Often times with very little personal time due to the demands of the job and the sheer volume of work they do for you guys. They are the unseen heroes, and they should really get a lot of love from you guys. They don’t always catch everything, but until you can show me a game that doesn’t have a bug in it I am sticking to my thoughts on this one. :0)

Customer Support I know there may be a lot of history behind this one, and many reasons for you guys to be wary of this group. I can honestly say that they are working hard to better things for you. The chat system that you guys saw right about the time I was ousted was just the first of many improvements they were planning on making. There were a lot of tool adjustments that they were also working on to help them help the community even more efficiency.

Web Development The posts that you see every day on the main site. That’s all done by two people. They are constantly coordinating with departments requesting assets and going through the process of designing new posts… and they rarely get any positive reinforcement from the community. It’s a thankless job, much like QA… but they do it none the less, and I really enjoyed working with these individuals. They were always prompt and extremely generous when I had posts requests.

Waltz You have a true warrior in him! Many of you saw me online at wee hours in the morning (I think my latest day was something like 3am), and I was always in around 10:00 am. I think there was only ONE example of me leaving later than him, and he was always there at work before me the next day! He is extremely passionate about the community and fights for you as hard as he can! In roughly 10 years that I have been in the gaming community I have only ever seen 1 other person that is as hard working, dedicated and passionate about his job. Waltzing is a true hero, in my mind.

I think the roughest part of it is that MapleStory’s origins are in Korea. The market that they build on is a completely different beast than that which you see here in the western market. When development has a project they’ve worked extremely hard on, and they get the returns they expected, they want to push it here…. it’s not always the best thing for us, though. It’s tough to explain that without feelings getting hurt. THAT is one of the biggest challenges I think Nexon America has to deal with before they can move forward and get MapleStory back to the place it should be.

That being said, though, nostalgia will always get the best of us. We’ve all seen the “good old day” posts. It’s been no different at the other gaming companies I have worked for. The World of Warcraft forums often saw similar posts and demands for “1-60” realms. It’s hard to keep things the same, while keeping it interesting.

All in all, I really enjoyed the time I spent at Nexon. Yes, there are improvements that could be made with the inner workings of the company. Over all, though, I got along with most of my coworkers. I only had trouble with one individual…. unfortunately that person is the cause of my no longer being your community representative.

I am truly sorry I was not able to stick around longer for you guys. I do miss this community, and would count myself lucky to work with you again in the future.

Happy Mapling


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