3x EXP/Drop Christmas Event is an Epic Fail






















In typical Nexon fashion, today’s Christmas 3x EXP/Drop & 2x EXP/Drop was an epic fail. The event was plagued with problems from the start when users encountered unplayable lag, especially in popular training maps such as Evolution World and Dimension Invasion PQ. To be honest, it was somewhat comical seeing characters arrive in the entrance map to Dimension Invasion only to die right there from lag. Both these maps only operate in one channel per server. Clearly, Nexon did not anticipate (or more likely didn’t even consider) the increased traffic to their servers and failed to prepare.

To make matters even more hilarious, 2x EXP, drop, and quest coupons did not stack as promoted (see the horribly highlighted screen cap of the event post above) causing many maplers to waste money on 2x coupons from the cash shop. The “Everybody In” event 2x EXP/Drop coupons did work – until players were disconnected by lag or a considerate Zero player or just died from the server traffic. All in all, it was a very frustrating Christmas for maplers eager to enjoy the holiday for a bit and perhaps use their holiday NX cash.

Merry Christmas from Nexon, everyone!

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