Maple Talks: Interview with UltimaSteele


Come on and sit down ’round the campfire, youngins! I got to chat with a good friend of mine, UltimaSteele, a Bera Hero as part of our monthly interview segment, Maple Talks, where we chat with maplers about their experiences, history, and thoughts on the game.

Maple Monthly: Hello.

UltimaSteele: Hi.

MM: This interview is for Maple-News Network.

US: Sounds good. I’m ready!

MM: First question, how long have you been playing Maplestory?

US: I’ve been playing since May 2006, so going on 8 years now.

MM: What keeps you logging on to keep playing?

US: Mostly, the people I know and have met through the years. It feels like home here because of them and it’s not easy to let something like that go. A distant second though would be for upgrading my character and seeing my upgrades at work.

MM: If you were to describe your guild, Marvel, in one word, what would it be?

US: Mature.

MM: You’ve been playing your Hero since pre-BB. How do you feel about the changes the class has been through?

US: I really enjoy them for the most part, they never seem to be lacking much and they always seem to have changes for the better. Although, I would like the finisher system with orbs to be re-implemented like it was pre-big bang, or at least something similar.

MM: How’s the [level] 200+ life treating you?

US: Fun! I always enjoy grinding at an achingly slow pace. So my idea of “fun” might not be shared by most. It’s fun being able to train for a few hours and then go fight some of the hardest bosses the game has to offer!

MM: What are your thoughts on the MapleStory community?

US: Um, well it’s diverse and ever-changing. I have noticed a bit of a shift from the older players being seemingly more community-oriented while most of the newer players are more solo-focused, although that can possibly be attributed to the game as a whole.

MM: Now to round it all off… are you ready for a lightning round?????

US: I hope so.

MM: I will give you two things, and you just pick one of the two.

US: Ok.

MM: Jax from Mortal Combat or Jack2 from Tekken?

US: Jax.

MM: Knives or Blanets?

US: Blankets.

MM: Laughter or Tomorrow?

US: Tomorrow.

MM: Wood panel garages, or To-Do Lists?

US: To-Do lists.

MM: Apple pie or pumpkin pie?

US: Hmm…pumpkin pie!

MM: Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for your time Steele!

US: Thanks for having me.

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