MapleStory Developer AMA Questions Finally Answered

The answers to a MapleStory Developer AMA originally opened in the beginning of January were recently posted. Nexon’s “Comms Director,” Ruin3d, stated that, “The team has been busy implementing a number of these changes which caused the slow update. We also know there are more questions you’d like answered but we wanted to get out what we have ASAP,” in an update to the official thread on the GMS forums.

So far, the questions and answers are highly reminiscent of that of those from the A Better Maple Campaign this past December, although Ruin3d seems to be implying that more answers are still to come.

So what do you think: Is this AMA a legitimate attempt to reach out to the community or a shoddy PR stunt? Let us know in the comments below after you read the questions and answers in their entirety below.

Game related Questions – Development Team

Q. PurelceFireX: How come the unused data on the three known NPCs (Maple Admin, Cassandra, Gaga) that cause lag are not deleted?

A. Game Team: We are currently looking into these lag issues and expect to have a fix in the near future.

Q. Xaelstrasza: Can the bosses be nerfed slightly?

A. Game Team: We assess game balance issues on an ongoing basis. Boss balancing is always difficult as we have to balance against different character levels, equips, classes etc. If you have a specific issue, let us know and we’ll look into it.

Q. Rokani: Can we have smart drop for bosses? So the items dropped will be more likely to help you instead of being completely random.

A. Game Team: Drops based on your level and class could be a very good idea. We have no solid plans for this right now but it is something we are talking about. Thanks for the suggestion.

Q. The Kavalier: When will the development team implement new familiars and monster cards?

A. Game Team: The familiar and monster card system is something we would like to look into but this will be a longer term initiative.

Q. Neulite: have you thought about bringing back original victoria island, pre big bang update? the excuse of it being “begginers land” is pathetic (maps at panteon are very big and “challenging”, so why arent victoria’s?)

A. Game Team: We will definitely consider using the old Victoria Island maps for special events but we have no plans to revert it to what is used to be at the moment.

Q. Jenafee: Can we have an entire inventory just for the crafting?

A. Game Team: This is an interesting suggestion. We haven’t considered making this change but we will consider it. Thanks for the idea!

Q. Mukuro: One quick question, do you guys (nexon) ever plan to fix empress cygnus healing for 30bil hp if you dont burst the last 10% in say 50 secs, its already hard enough to kill 63 bil hp in 30mins? As I recall the patch notes for unleash stated that empress cygnus will STOP healing?

A. Game Team: We are always looking into making the game more balanced. We are aware that this causes frustration for some players and it’ on our list to look at. We actually reverted back to the pre-unleashed status at player’s request which is why she is healing again.

Q. Shieux: Will we ever get the choice to move our characters around in the selection screen? I personally would love to line up my characters by how much I use them, not when they were created.

A. Game Team:This is a good idea. We will look into this for a future update.

Q. DamagedFaith: Sharenian Guild Party Quest is an old favourite of the GMS community. It was recently re-enabled, unfortunately it is also very outdated. Would you look at revamping and re-releasing this.

A. Game Team: We are certainly open to any suggestions you may have to update this party quest. Right now we don’t have any plans to do a revamp however.

Q. Evalair: Does maplestory’s “moderating team” have a branch that focuses on the economy before an item is introduced into the game? Like is there a balance they try to strike between how good an item is , how hard it is to attain, and how much they think it should be priced at?

A. Game Team:Our production, development and QA teams test and discuss each item as thoroughly as possible to ensure that the value of the item is balanced when it goes live. As you can imagine, this is a very complicated process as we are trying to balance old and new items together. We also take into consideration that perception of an item’s value changes over time. If you feel that something in the game is unbalanced, please submit a report on the forums and we’ll take a look.

Q. Shyally: Will the chance that RED/Black cubes upgrade from Unique -> Legendary be improved?

A. Game Team: We are just in the process of assessing cube upgrade rates so look for updates in the future.

Q. AlisiaAnnieSparkle: Will you ever be extending the amount of slots you can obtain for characters in the character selection menu? There’s been a ton of classes coming out lately and I like keeping them into one world.

A. Game Team: We have expanded character slots to 30 and we do re-evaluate the number of slots available periodically.

Q. GiveYouInfoIfImBored: Ever thought of doing Dynamic Server merge/demerge. where after a while server get merge then demerge after certain months and depending on population of season

A. Game Team: This is a really interesting idea. The world populations are always on our mind this would certainly help us hit just that right balance of players vs. space. We have no solid plans to the change the world structure right now but it is always a point of discussion for us. Thanks for the idea.

Q. Latinwx: Why the game has a trading system as unfair and inefficient as the “store permit” (The only way to really sell your items)?

A. Game Team: We are planning to bring over the Auction House function from the KMS service at some point in the future. We know that trading is an important part of the game for some of our players and we would like to make the system better for everyone. The Auction house still has some issues that we would like to solve before we release it.

Q. Invulgo: Is there a chance we might get shared Cash Shop Inventories for all classes one day?

A. Game Team: This is something that we are looking into but we don’t have any solid plans right now.

Q. Enhander: How has the Maplestory dev team decided to tackle the game design flaws (if at all…) currently in the game? Specifically:
-Pay-To-Win Model
-Damage-Centric Model
-Extremely Low Probability as a means to counteract a lack of item/meso sinks

A. Game Team: These are good topics. We are constantly looking for ways to make the game more fun and more accessible for everyone. These are very broad topics and while we can’t be any more specific about our plans right now, we are having deep discussions about these and other topics that concern all MapleStory players.

Q. RujinFujin: do you guys plan to ever revamp old npc quests?

A. Game Team: Characters and quests are revamped periodically as we get feedback from players or as we add content to existing areas. If you have suggestions for revamping quests we’d love to hear them.

Q. Krinkles: When will you address Error Code 38?

A. Game Team: The Error Code 38 issue was fixed in the v.145 update. If you are still having problems please submit a detailed ticket and we do our best to solve the issue for you.

Q. Emotive: How come you guys never release new servers? the last time u did was 2 years ago…

A. Game Team: We constantly assess the population density of worlds and we only add worlds as they are needed.

Q. Gunsofdex: Why were bosses so heavily buffed when we were told that Nexon would not be buffing them in Unleashed? Did KMS push the content onto us and we have no say in what we get? We are two completely different markets and what works for them doesn’t necessarily mean it will work here.

A. Game Team: See above responses about Boss balancing.

Q. Subception: Can we have an NX Cash item request thread, please? The players of MapleStory have hundreds of brilliant ideas that could relatively easily be turned into purchasable NX Cash items, and let’s be honest, we as the audience aren’t going to suggest things that we ourselves wouldn’t purchase, so it’s a win/win for everyone.

A. Game Team: This is a great idea. We’ll pass it along to Customer Service and our GM’s so they can give you a place to start the discussion.

Q. Degree848: Will Sengoku high come back?

A. Game Team: Sengoku high is a very popular event. I think it’s safe to say you will see it again in the future.

Q. Draqo: Will we ever get to remove the RED permanent NX we got from the hot time rewards? It is taking up space as if Nexon is forcing us to buy more slot expansions.

A. Game Team: This was fixed in version 145.

Q. Anathamea: Why not offer more permanent cash equips for NX?

A. Game Team: This is really great question. We have been steadily adding more permanent items in the surprise style boxes lately and we are continuing to look for opportunities to provide greater value for our paying players.

Q. Arinnar & Anathamea: Why have you not brought back an MTS-like system?

A. Game Team: We are currently focusing on the Auction House as the future plan for trading. Systems that allow players to sell in game items for NX tend to be vulnerable to exploitation so we avoid them for the safety of our players.

Q. Headphones: When is auction house coming????

A. Game Team: See above

Q. Kuroll: Can we have an amnesty where we can move NX permanent items around our account for a few days if we want to change main class?

A. Game Team: See our comments about the shared class inventories above. 
Customer Services

Q. Tyler: When a player reports someone for malicious behavior, there is no confirmation or message sent back to players saying it has been viewed / responded to.
Would Nexon America ever consider using the Note system (which can be used by GMs / other functions) to send a automatic message back to the player once a patrolling staff member has seen it?

A. Customer Services: If a player uses the in-game function to file a report on malicious behavior, we process it the same way we would if a ticket was submitted, but we do not send an acknowledgement. We are considering options to improve this process but, for the immediate future, there are no plans to change or add functionality to this system.

Q. Trayvian: when will the touted customer care improvements actually happen, we keep hearing about how much better it is or will be but for me and lot of us there seems to be no changes. Such in when will live chat support be viable and consistent and tickets be answered more promptly?

A. Customer Services: This question was addressed in A Better Maple. We are aware that certain types of tickets can take longer to receive responses. We are working on improving our response time for all tickets. Implementing these improvements is a long and involved process, so we truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve it. For chat, we are working on increasing the size of our CS staff to better handle increased volume as we transition from a soft launch to full production for that service channel.

Q. NoGach4U: Will people who used the duped advance enhancement scrolls on their tyrants/ other equips will be stripped of their equips/ somehow rolled back to their original one, or will they keep their items that have been used with the duped aee?

A. Customer Services: This issue was addressed. If the items were found to be enhanced by exploitive scrolls, etc. they would be removed from the account and a clean item would not be given back. While we’re working on ways to prevent these types of hacks from reoccurring, we would like to ask all Maplers to please report any hacks you see. This will help us stay on top of these types of issues.

Q. Seolan: Could you please improve the TICKET SYSTEM of MapleStory(or Nexon America)’s Customer Support. Many, many players including me have complained the low working efficency of that system. Most times, we submit ticket for urgent things. However, we would never get any reply for over a month even a year!

A. Customer Services: Answered above

Q. OMPterodactyl: What is being done about the hackers/botters? Like everyday in the FM I can see arrow for bows being bought at a ridiculous price by botters coming in. I checked all servers with an owl of minerva and watched the bots buy it all out.

A. Customer Services: This question was addressed in A Better Maple in two separate questions about hacking. We investigate all hacking reports, and once verified, we take the appropriate action. These do take time to investigate, and thus action may not be instantaneous. Some of these players take time to locate and their offenses take time to verify. Our GMs are in the game 24/7, looking into these reports and proactively addressing illicit activity whenever they see it.

Q. Onyxade: When will the live chat work on Wednesdays? I have been falsely perm banned and I have been waiting weeks to appeal. The tickets are gonna take a while I know

A. Customer Services: Answered above

Q. Elitedude: Will people who bought 2x coupons during the 3x event on Christmas to find they didn’t stack properly be refunded?

A. Customer Services: The compensation for this has been distributed already. Unfortunately if a player was not awarded the compensation, they did not meet the requirements for it.
Community / Other 

Q. Nenenenene: Are there any plan to redesign the installation packages ? Currently, it takes too long for a new player to download and install the game. Compare this with some popular cell phone games that only take a few minutes to download and install. It will deter a lot of new players. Most of them will probably never reach lvl 120.

A. Community: Yes, we are working to add MapleStory to the new Nexon launcher which will allow us to streamline the download process. We are evaluating a number of methods but the simple answer is we know this is an issue and are working to fix it.

Q. FartingBulletz: Is there a way to send you guys a cake?

A. Community: We do like cake. What flavor?

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