If you need to contact the Maple-News staff and administration whether it be about an error on the site, fan mail (LOL CHYEAH RIGHT!), an inquiry, a job application not being answered/wanting to join the staff, please fills out the form below. Below you can find our affiliation policies.

Affiliation Policies

Maple-News is always looking for websites dedicated to MapleStory or gaming sites that include MapleStory as well as some music sites. Don’t be afraid to send us an email asking for an affiliation. If your site is about the following…you’re probably not right to affiliate with us.

  • Websites that are only about money. We value websites that are created for the right reasons, not to make an extra buck.
  • Shoddily designed websites where little to no effort was put in.
  • Random websites like “Wack the Weasel Online” or “Watch mah cat chase teh laz0rz!”
  • Websites containing explicit material not suitable for kids/teenagers.
  • Websites not even the little bit related to MapleStory (must have something to do with MapleStory)

If you think you have something unique or fun on your hands and are intersted in affiliating with our little site here, drop us a line!

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