Are you interested in lending your voice to the MapleStory community, but don’t want to become a full-time staff member here at Maple-News? Whether you like to write for fun, want to write for Maple-News without the responsibilities of a full-time staff member, or are interested in writing about a topic in MapleStory that interests you then perhaps becoming a Maple-News Contributor is right for you.

Well, what is a Contributor?

A contributor is someone who writes news posts/articles whenever they want. There are no post requirements per week/month, no permanent commitment, and no assigned topics. You can write about anything (assuming it is appropriate) relating to MapleStory.

I’m interested!

If you are interested in becoming a contributor here at, then follow these simple steps.

1. Create a account (it’s completely free!)
2. Send an e-mail to with the e-mail address you used to register.
3. Wait for an official contributor invitation sent to your registered e-mail within the week.
4. Start posting!

Alternatively, you can also use the form below to submit an article although it is recommended you create an account.

Article Submission Form

If you find out you like being a contributor and want to do more, you always have the option to apply to become a full-time staff member.